Random Solo Adventure is a book series.

Currently we have five books planned.

Random Solo Adventure: Fantasy Dungeon
Book #1, November 2015.

Entering the dungeon is easy – but getting out alive is a completely different thing!
Here you will find swords, magic potions, friends and foes – but most importantly, clues to solve your mission. Each adventure is different – and each play is random!


  • 120 pages.
  • 18 quests to solve.
  • Random game play – no game is the same!
  • Several different monsters.
  • Many different items, magic potions and weapons to gather.
  • TRADE with merchants!
  • COMMUNICATE with fellow adventurers in the dungeons.
  • Solve the puzzle – get the clues – complete the game…

Random Solo Adventure: Jungle Quest
Book #2, January 2016.

The heavy rain floods your ship. The waves are getting higher and higher. In the distance you see a coast line – but what island this is, you don’t know. Suddenly a huge wave drains you and your ship. Wood breaks, the sail comes crushing down into the heavy sea. There’s nothing you can do to stop the ship from sinking now…


  • 104 pages.
  • Jungle adventure theme!
  • Many creatures to meet.
  • Labyrinth to explore!
  • Fun and action-packed battles.
  • Many mysteries to solves.

Random Solo Adventure: Post Apocalypse
Our THIRD book brings you into the destroyed future – where you and your vehicle has to battle enemies for gas, food, ammunition – and items and information that can help you in your ways to your goal. Random, fun and exciting!

To be released in spring 2016.


Random Solo Adventure: Bram Stoker’s Dracula
This was planned as Book Five in the series – but we decided to CANCEL the campaign for several reasons. We might pick up this game book later – but right now, we’re focusing on other projects.

What about the other books? Wasn’t there a Private Investigator planned as well?

YES! Private Investigator is currently pushed forward in time – we got too much interest in the post apocalypse book and the Dracula project at the moment. But we will get there as well. 🙂

Private Investigator, Pirates! and a few other gamebooks, are already planned, and we will bring more news about them as soon as possible.

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