NEW BOOK: Random Solo Adventure: Fantasy Dungeon

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The first book FANTASY DUNGEON in the Random Solo Adventure-game book series is now released! Take on the Quest – check it out at Lulu!


In Fantasy Dungeon you become the Hero. There are 18 different quests to choose from (or have randomly selected for you), with many different endings. You can meet goblins, skeletons, sorcerers and even other adventurers, deep down in the dark dungeons.

Amazing battles, several weapons, items and magic potions to find – or TRADE! Communication and trade is also built in.

This is a solo role playing game. The only things you will need, except for the book, is a pencil and dice – and maybe a piece of paper. Download the Character Sheet and print as many as you need.

Get the FANTASY DUNGEON game book now – for you or for your friend as a Christmas gift. A cool game where no game is the same.

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