Random Solo Adventure

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Welcome to RandomAdventure.info – or as we want to call it: Random Solo Adventure!

The Random Solo Adventure is a planned book series, based on the old-school solo adventures where you play the lead as the hero!

But this book series is different. It is random.

Our game rules are created to be simple to follow and easy to learn. And you will be able to play each book´s adventure several times, since they are totally random! All you need is a pencil, erasor and a six-sided dice.

Currently, we have three planned books in our Random Solo Adventure book series.

The first one is a straight out dungeon crawler in fantasy setting. Here you have 18 different endings (successful endings, I might add – you can die at any time!), tons of monsters, treasures, items, weapons and even other adventurers to bump into during your visits to the dungeons.

We plan to release our Random Solo Adventure: Fantasy Dungeon Crawler in beginning of 2015.

Following that first release, we will later publish a post-apocalyptice car-actioner set in a fearsome future where you and your vehicle has to solve the tasks with more than just guns.

Our third planned book is a film noir private investigator adventure, set in the 1940´s. Here you will solve different crimes – and only your deductive skills and logic can bring you to a successful ending!

Be back soon to see the progress… Read about each planned book on their respective pages.

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