NEW: Random Solo Adventure: Post Apocalypse

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The long awaited Post Apocalypse gamebook!

Decades ago the world was crushed in a disaster few of the living remember. You know that the key to future survival lies in discovering the truth about the destruction.

Your village was burnt to the ground by the Death Skull Gang. Everyone died – except for you.

With no weapons or food you wander into the wasteland – where only Death can enjoy your hardships…

Buy the PDF-version at DriveThruRPG and the softcover version at Lulu:

Each game is random – each game is unique. With several different items and weapons to find, many problems to solve, you will have hours of fun play ahead of you.

Fast paced, easy to learn, rules. You only need pencil, paper and two dice. This solo role playing adventure is a new take on the post apocalypse adventure books. With inspiring illustrations and colorful descriptions, this game book gives you an interesting world to explore.

  • 50+ full page illustrations by Dvir Agiv.
  • Several different weapons with their own caliber ammo to collect.
  • Many different enemies to fight.
  • Trade with merchants.
  • Four different skills that are used throughout the adventure.
  • Random game makes each play different!

This is the third book in the Random Solo Adventure series by J. Pingo Lindstrom, published by

Post Apocalypse is the largest book so far, with 224 pages. It uses a different and expanded combat system with skills, compared to the earlier books.

Buy the PDF-version at DriveThruRPG and the softcover version at Lulu:

All our Random Solo Adventures + the Drudge! RPG/Table top at DriveThruRPG!

ALL our Random Solo Adventures are avaialable at DriveThruRPG.

There are also several bundles, where you can buy the books togheter for a discounted price.

Also check out our new table top/roleplaying game Drudge! and the adventure The Monster from the Other Side.

At DriveThruRPG you will also find several FREE (or pay-what-you-want) Random Solo Adventure books! Download and have fun, right away – for FREE!


KICKSTARTER: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

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HELP US bring Bram Stoker’s Dracula to the game book format!

J. Pingo Lindstrom and artist Greenhickup, are currently working on the Bram Stoker’s Dracula solo adventure. It is part of the Random Solo Adventure game book series, and will be released later this year – if all goes well with our Kickstarter campaign.

Support our campaign and help us bring this awesome horror epic to the world!


Read more about the Bram Stoker’s Dracula gamebook at the Kickstarter page. We have also published more illustrations and constant updates about the project there. Let us know if you have any questions!


NEW BOOK: Random Solo Adventure: Fantasy Dungeon

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The first book FANTASY DUNGEON in the Random Solo Adventure-game book series is now released! Take on the Quest – check it out at Lulu!


In Fantasy Dungeon you become the Hero. There are 18 different quests to choose from (or have randomly selected for you), with many different endings. You can meet goblins, skeletons, sorcerers and even other adventurers, deep down in the dark dungeons.

Amazing battles, several weapons, items and magic potions to find – or TRADE! Communication and trade is also built in.

This is a solo role playing game. The only things you will need, except for the book, is a pencil and dice – and maybe a piece of paper. Download the Character Sheet and print as many as you need.

Get the FANTASY DUNGEON game book now – for you or for your friend as a Christmas gift. A cool game where no game is the same.

Random Solo Adventure

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Welcome to – or as we want to call it: Random Solo Adventure!

The Random Solo Adventure is a planned book series, based on the old-school solo adventures where you play the lead as the hero!

But this book series is different. It is random.

Our game rules are created to be simple to follow and easy to learn. And you will be able to play each book´s adventure several times, since they are totally random! All you need is a pencil, erasor and a six-sided dice.

Currently, we have three planned books in our Random Solo Adventure book series.

The first one is a straight out dungeon crawler in fantasy setting. Here you have 18 different endings (successful endings, I might add – you can die at any time!), tons of monsters, treasures, items, weapons and even other adventurers to bump into during your visits to the dungeons.

We plan to release our Random Solo Adventure: Fantasy Dungeon Crawler in beginning of 2015.

Following that first release, we will later publish a post-apocalyptice car-actioner set in a fearsome future where you and your vehicle has to solve the tasks with more than just guns.

Our third planned book is a film noir private investigator adventure, set in the 1940´s. Here you will solve different crimes – and only your deductive skills and logic can bring you to a successful ending!

Be back soon to see the progress… Read about each planned book on their respective pages.